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Katie Couric has a blog:

Add to that my first piece on 60 Minutes on the illnesses that thousands of first responders are experiencing five years after September 11th. To be a part of that broadcast was needless to say, an enormous thrill. My father called me afterwards and said, “Well, you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do…reporting for 60 Minutes.” I used to watch the show when I was in high school sitting on the floor in my parents bedroom. I think it’s really what made me want to get into this crazy and wonderful business in the first place. Of course while I was preparing this piece I was in meetings with our producers, going over copy, doing promos, putting my spackle on (it takes a village to make me presentable on television) and helping shape the Evening News. It’s really exciting and really fun. I still can’t believe I’m privileged enough to have this job. One of the first things I said to the crew when we were rehearsing was…”can I ask you guys a question? How did this happen?” The sign off thing has been fun too. The suggestions are great to read, and as I said last night, even Letterman got into the act. Always happy to provide Dave with material! Bob Barker wants me to implore viewers at the end of every broadcast to “have your pets spayed or neutered.” mmmmmmmmmmm…interesting.



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