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So Much For That Pesky First Amendment

Disney is being threatened by the Democrat Senate leadership.

[Friday morning update]

Lileks has further thoughts:

I donít think this is the ďveiled threatĒ some are calling it, because thereís no way on earth the Democrats would introduce legislation to strip Disney of its broadcast license. Itís like threatening to interrupt the broadcast with winged monkeys. Disney lawyers would say, correctly, well, you and what army of winged monkeys? But I donít recall Congress getting so deeply involved in the content of a specific television show before. Chilling effect? Heck no, not if the result is the truth. And who can possibly be against the truth.

Just so you know: 9/11 reset the clock for me. All hands went to midnight. Iím interested in what people did after that date, and if the movie shows that before the attack one side lacked feck and the other was feck-deficient, I don't worry about it. It's like revisiting Congressional debates about Hawaiian harbor security in November 1941. Y'all get a pass. The Etch-A-Sketch's turned over. Now: what have you said lately?

Indeed. Read entire.


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