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Biting Commentary about Infinity, and Beyond!

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How Bad Is Huckabee?

This bad. Glenn Reynolds:

I think I'd vote for Edwards over Huckabee, though I'd feel dirty the next morning. And I'd be even more likely to vote for Hillary or Obama.

Of course, Glenn was a Democrat for a long time (and even worked on Gore's campaign in 1988, about the time I first met him). He apparently wasn't as put off by the party in the nineties as I was.

I think I'd just write someone in.

[Evening update]

In response to a commenter here, Glenn expands on his reasoning:

Basically, I believe that both would have similar socialist/populist programs, but that Republicans would combine against Edwards' programs, producing useful gridlock. On the other hand, Dems would be only too happy to go along with Huckabee's programs, and too many Republicans might do so too, out of party loyalty. The main thing Huckabee has, policy wise, that Edwards doesn't is that he favors Second Amendment rights, but I wonder if he wouldn't jettison them in some sort of "for the children" compromise at a crucial point, knowing that he'd get media adulation for doing so. Plus, the more I watch him [in] operation, the more Clintonian his campaign seems. Edwards', on the other hand, is just inept, which suggests that he wouldn't be very scary in office. And both would probably be equally Carteresque in foreign policy.

Do we really want another Arkansas governor "from Hope"?

Of course, this argument assumes that the Democrats will retain Congress...

Posted by Rand Simberg at December 16, 2007 10:06 AM
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