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More Thoughts On The Second Amendment

This is for "Hillary Supporter." Glenn Reynolds disputes someone who still fantasizes that it's about the national guard.

[Late Sunday update]

For those who have already read Glenn's post, you might want to do so again--he has an update:'s important to understand that to the Framers the "militia" wasn't some specialist unit of government employees, but a group consisting of the armed populace; one that, though in some ways organized by the government, was also in some ways set against the government, as a check. As Akhil Amar says, think jurors, but with guns. Thus, any reading of the Second Amendment that would allow the government to extinguish that militia is impermissible, since it would lead to a state that is insecure, or unfree.

Also, on his comment that "...the 'militia' was said to consist of 'the body of the people') was essential as a check on government power, the government couldn't be allowed to disarm it by neglect."

Doesn't that imply that we should have federal subsidies for firearms for US citizens?

You know, an affirmative action program for gun purchasers? Wouldn't anything less be neglect? The more firepower, the bigger the check you get from Washington?

Leave no gun owner behind? ;-)

Posted by Rand Simberg at December 16, 2007 05:26 PM
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