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Same Old Corn

...different flakes. I'm assuming that the exclusion of Fred Thompson (who just got an endorsement from Human Events this morning) was deliberate.

I wonder how much the endorsement will help? I'm sure that it won't hurt, but (though I'm not a regular reader) I suspect that most people who read Human Events in South Carolina were probably going to vote for him anyway.

[Update late morning]

Here's an interesting analysis of why Thompson focused on Huckabee last night, and didn't go after McCain. Hint: it's not because he's trying to help McCain win the nomination.

Meanwhile, Matt Welch, incoming editor of Reason, is making up for lost time in dissecting Dr. No's past.

[Update mid afternoon]

It just occurs to me that we'll know whether or not Krumm's Thompson/McCain theory is valid after the Michigan primary. If he starts to go after McCain in addition to Huckabee after the primary, and before South Carolina, then it will all make sense.

Posted by Rand Simberg at January 11, 2008 05:31 AM
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