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» I Has Can Cheezburger? from The McGehee Zone

Well, they do tend to go straight to the…
H/t, if he wants it, to Rand Simberg.

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rjschwarz wrote:

At least we'll be able to eat more than just spam after the zombie wars.

Josh Reiter wrote:

I dunno, that actually looks kinda good.

McGehee wrote:

No, Josh. You know it doesn't come out of the, er, can looking like that.

Mac wrote:

Hamburger helper has now been taken to a new gross level hasn't it?

Paul Hsieh wrote:

Detailed pictures and a review are available here:

Josh Reiter wrote:

"McGehee wrote:
No, Josh. You know it doesn't come out of the, er, can looking like that.
January 29, 2008 8:00 PM "

No, I believe the bottom of the can is full of soil and lettuce/tomatoe seeds and you grow a friggin' garden right out of the can.

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