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Unintended Consequence

Mccain-Feingold essentially outlaws political discussion during campaigns by private groups (yes, really, and the Supreme Court had no problem with that), but it does have (fortunately) some limitations. It only applies to criticizing people actually running for office. It says nothing about ads attacking candidate's spice (spouses?). This could have delicious consequences this fall, unless John and Russ rush back to the Hill to amend the bill.

I can already see the 527s lining up to run ads against the Big He, reminding the country of everything that went on back in the nineties that they never heard about, or had forgotten, with the word CLINTON featured prominently, in big letters. Hillary's going to wish that she hadn't taken her husband's name. But of course, at the time, she did so for political reasons.


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It had to happen and it has. Both statist parties have found a way around the anti-First Amendment law (MCCAIN-Feingold) of the contemptible John McCain. This is the law whose intent is to prevent protected political free speech from occurring during t... Read More


Steve wrote:

Did anyone hear that Bill might get his own plane to campaign from? Even when they'll be appearing together.

I can't figure out of it's a security measure to keep someone from killing them on the same plane, or a security measure to keep THEM from killing each other on the same plane.

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