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Yenta Science

Is there a scientific basis to EHarmony?


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Jane Bernstein wrote:

My own eHarmony experiences were extremely disappointing. I suspect their algorithm needs tweaking. In general, my luck seems to be better with a straight Meyers-Briggs approach. Or maybe I should just visit a Yente. Not too many more years for me to work this out, being 35 and all.

Josh Reiter wrote:

Times a ticking old girl..tick tock..tick tock.

Jay Manifold wrote:

Rand, I think this might be a business opportunity ... TransTerrestrial Singles!

Jonathan wrote:

What percentage of this blog's readership is female?

Jay Manifold wrote:

Jane has the allure of any ten ordinary women.

Jane Bernstein wrote:

You guys are sweet. But Jonathan does point out that the demographics aren't exactly favorable here. I've only noticed a handful of female names in posts.

Jonathan wrote:

The demographics here aren't unfavorable for Jane, only for the guys. This might actually be a good venue for her to meet intelligent men who share her interests.

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