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As If It Weren't Bad Enough

Global warming will lead to an increase in zombie attacks.

I blame George Bush.

Fortunately, some of us have been prepared for a while.

[Mid-afternoon update]

Saved by the sun:

The Canadian Space Agency's radio telescope has been reporting Flux Density Values so low they will mean a mini ice age if they continue.

Like the number of sunspots, the Flux Density Values reflect the Sun's magnetic activity, which affects the rate at which the Sun radiates energy and warmth. CSA project director Ken Tapping calls the radio telescope that supplies NASA and the rest of the world with daily values of the Sun's magnetic activity a "stethoscope on the Sun." In this case, however, it is the "doctor" whose health is directly affected by the readings.

This is because when the magnetic activity is low, the Sun is dimmer, and puts out less radiant warmth. If the Sun goes into dim mode, as it has in the past, the Earth gets much colder.

Take that, undead!

Zombies and vampires. Is there any problem the sun can't fix?


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Leland wrote:

How would one tell the difference between a Zombie and AGW Zealot?

Rand wrote:

One is a brainless minion trying to convert others to its state. The other is a dead person that eats brains.

Stephen Kohls wrote:

Zombies never fly on a Lear Jet.

narciso wrote:

I thought that decaying spy satellite would do it; that was one of the conjectures in the original
"Night of the Living Dead"

Robert wrote:

If the weather gets cold enough, the zombies will eventually freeze and, if we get them to freeze with their arms sticking out straight, they just might be "cruciform" enough to repel the vampires.

I look forward to making the experiment.

What I Think wrote:

>> "Zombies never fly on a Lear Jet."

Neither do social engineers and environmentalists. Not enough room for the press.

NikFromNYC wrote:

Global cooling would be much worse than global warming. There's no way to help heat the Earth if the sun lets us down. Stopping warming literally dirt simple. Spend ten times as much as the Space Station cost, and toss a bunch of fluffy dirt into the sky every year. Make it healthy instead of cancer causing. We'll also get deeper orange sun sets for a century or two until the sun gets angry again.

I'm more worried about the overdue flip in Earth's magnetic field, since for decades or even centuries, there will be cancer–causing radiation hitting our shoulders. Hopefully cancer will be cured by then though.

This "AGW Zealot" again points out why I am a zealot. Being attacked not on facts and data but on my personality defects makes me defensive and downright angry. That forest cover has increased 10% a decade for 40 years in the USA, beginning a few years after the small trees got big enough to really start bathing in CO2. But also that GW doesn't make much sense of you consider the SOUTH POLE a part of the "globe":

Then there's all those inconvenient graphs of sunspot activity that EXACTLY track temperature for the last 300 years, and how the trace greenhouse gas CO2 lags that temperature by upwards of 800 years, until 1940 when the USA and other superpowers started burning oil like crazy, thus fertilizing the whole biosphere. And that darned inconvenient graph that shows that the LINEAR warming trend began about 100 years before 1940, and shows no alteration in slope since then.

Zealot: "One who is overly eager to do something."
Projection: "The attribution of one's own attitudes, feelings, or suppositions to others."

- Doctor Nik (Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Columbia, awarded "best student" award, followed by 3 years postdoctoral study of nanotechnology at Harvard).

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