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Better Print Some More Money

Zimbabwe's inflation rate is 100,000%:

In Africa's fastest shrinking economy, per capita gross domestic product in Zimbabwe fell from about $200 in 1996 to about $9 a head last year.

What a disaster Mugabe has been. It shows how easy it is to destroy a once-vibrant country (Rhodesia was the bread basket of southern Africa) with insane government policies. And the sad thing is that his fellow African autocrats refuse to denounce him. I'll bet that if there was a free and fair election there today, the people would vote Ian Smith back in.


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Anonymous wrote:

Ian Smith died three months ago.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

He just became a shoo-in.

Rick C wrote:

Only if he's a Democrat, of course.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Wait, we don't become Democrats when we die?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Wait, we don't become Democrats when we die?

Well, we get to vote Democrat, at least in Chicago. And in Missouri, if we're dead Democrats, we can run for office.

Jay Manifold wrote:

And get elected!

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