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Did He Call Him A Son Of A Bitch?

In the overzealous law enforcement department, a man was arrested for animal cruelty after yelling at a police dog.


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Fidel, Md wrote:

What the hell is it with cops in Florida? Arresting and cuffing little old ladies (or little kids), acting like thugs with badges......

And now, they have an unstable, depressed, police dog with PTSD?


Habitat Hermit wrote:

If cops cuff little old ladies in Florida I'm more astonished at the meekness of Floridian little old ladies than anything else ^_^

As for an ass braying at a dog the ass will get what it deserves, how civil isn't a society when a human intervenes to give the ass a ticket and reprimand instead of letting the dog out to bite the tail off the ass?

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