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Did The Missionaries Finally Get Through To Them?

Gorillas have been photographed in the wild copulating face to face.


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Steve wrote:

Just in time for Valentines Day, face to face gorilla sex. They could have at least listed a link for the gorilla sex tape on YouTube. Or will it be advertised on late night TV?

.....Joe Francis and Clyde Beatty.....
......"Gorillas Gone Wild!!"........

Crazy, sexy, college aged, drunken gorillas going at it like, sex crazed gorillas. 60 minutes of non stop gorilla on gorilla action. Call 1-866-go-rilla, that's 1-866-go-rilla. The first 100 callers get a bonus video.

"Lascivious Licking Lemurs"

Get both tapes for one payment of $79.99, or two payments of $48.99, or 6 payments of $27.13. Plus $12.99 shipping and handling per tape. That roughly 3 bucks per ape or lemur. We know that doesn't add up,but it's the middle of the night, your lonely and we're pretty sure you won't complain to your friends or co-workers.


Jay Manifold wrote:

Shhh! You'll attract the furries.

BD wrote:

It's because they don't have the internet.

Kevin B wrote:

For a minute there I got the content of this post mixed up with the title of the last post.

I'm feeling a bit better now, thank you

David Ross wrote:

That means the end of gorilla civilisation, I hope you know. Damn feminists!

FC wrote:

Is this what they meant by "Splendor in the Grass"?

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