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Is Hillary avoiding process servers?

Doesn't the question answer itself?

Hillary Clinton was dismissed as a co-defendant in the case at a hearing in April, 2007 because of democrat Appellate Court Judges' support of her belated effort to seek the protection of California's Anti-SLAPP law. At that hearing, trial court Judge Aurelio Munoz admonished David Kendall by telling him unequivocally that any effort to deny Senator Clinton's testimony as a witness in the case would be "Dead on Arrival". To emphasize his point, the Judge followed his statement by saying "Did you hear that Mr Kendall?"

In typical Clintonian hubris and contempt for the judicial process, Hillary had her diminutive counsel with the over inflated ego state to Paul's lawyer, Colette Wilson, that none of the three lawyers of record representing Hillary in the case would accept a witness subpoena for her deposition on her behalf.

It doesn't seem like it should be all that hard. Just show up at a campaign event, ask her for an autograph, and hand it to her. Then announce that she's been served. Be sure to have a confederate with a videocam, though.

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LB Parker wrote:

And kevlar underwear!

jjs wrote:

Even better...Isn't there one more debate scheduled?

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