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How It Will Go Down

The folks at AGI have attempted to model the satellite break up. Unfortunately, they need more data to have much confidence in it. But even still, I doubt if my free version of Satellite Took Kit would be up to the job that they've done.


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Larry J wrote:

I'll have to take your word for it. All I see when I click on the link to the video is a Visa commercial. It looks like wants to sell the video to me. Sorry, but no.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I don't know to what "video" you're referring. My link is to a text story at It works fine for me.

Leland wrote:

"Life has risks, Life takes Visa"

I guess the risk is hydrazine, and I guess the Visa reference is some abstract about deficit spending to pay for the SM3 missile. It's what you get when you click the "How to shootdown a satellite" link at Interest strategy they have there.

Leland wrote:

I should have noted that the AGI link Rand provides will get someone to a video related to shooting down a satellite, even if is teasing with a bait and switch.

Mike wrote:

Larry J. is absolutely correct.
Your link takes us to an article which gives a further link to "watch a video". The video at the link is an ad, and then we're offered the "opportunity" to purchase the refered to ,but not linked to, video.
Thus, not only confirming Larry's complaint but Leland's accusation of "bait & switch".
BTW, Reuter's, believe it or not, has a pretty good video, for free.

Rand Simberg wrote:

OK, sorry (though this feels like apologies for the lack of slave reparations). I'm very sorry that your free ice cream didn't taste the way you wanted it to.

I don't have the luxury of the time to follow all links on any page to which I link. I'm having problems paying my bills, and my time would probably be better spent attending to that issue.

My post was about the link that I linked to. If you're unhappy with other links on that page, please complain to the proprietors of that page, not to me, because I have absolutely no influence, let alone control, over that page.

Once again, sorry.

Maybe I should just quit wasting my time posting about this stuff.

Mac wrote:

...though this feels like apologies for the lack of slave reparations...

Don't make me spout my drink in the morning please, tends to make my monitor gooey.

Larry J wrote:

If you follow the provided AGI link and navigate their site to this page, you have the option to download and play the video for free. I had not tried that when I first posted a comment. At least you know I did attempt to follow the links.

The webpage only showed a commercial for Visa credit cards and had a "Buy Now" button. I get the impression that I have to buy the video from if I want to see it. If that's accurate, I wonder what AGI feels about selling their video.

The video itself is pretty interesting. If accurate, pieces of the satellite will start burning in within half a rev or so of impact. It looked like it only covered a couple revs and there were still quite a few pieces still in orbit at that point but predicting the decay rates of those pieces is fairly imprecise.

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