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How Well Do You Know Europe?

I only came into the top third. But that was on my first try. I'm sure with practice I could get a lot higher.


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Duncan Young wrote:

Top 22%!

I am a surrender monkey!

Rand Simberg wrote:

Pretty good, Duncan. Get out your white flag and cheese.

My biggest downfalls were confusing Austria and Hungary (and I put Belgrade too far north), and not knowing that that German-sounding place was in Sweden. Must be a(n otherwise undistinguished) Lufthansa hub.

As I said, if one had endless time to waste, it would be possible to fine tune to a very high score. Sadly, I suspect that most people (especially Americans, but probably Asians and Africans even more) wouldn't even be able to find the continent on a globe.

Pete Zaitcev wrote:

I've got 12239 of 108864. Am I supposed to divide them (11.2%)?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Am I supposed to divide them (11.2%)?

Yes, or at least that's what I did. Good for you, especially considering you're doing it from Down Under.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

Oh well, 27595/109099. I feel so inadequate compared to you guys. ;-)

McGehee wrote:

If I'd been an actual pilot on some of those flights, I would be in Gitmo now for the number of hijackings and crash landings I perpetrated. And yet I still scored almost 25,000 points, so...

T.L. James wrote:

27411. Sad, since I've actually been to about half of the targets.

Leland wrote:

21573, which I think is good since I've never been to Europe.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Hmm I bet you're talking about Gothenburg Rand (Gøteborg in Norwegian and Göteborg in Swedish). I guess the umlaut only makes it look even more German to those unfamiliar with Swedish.

Second largest city in Sweden, not known as a Lufthansa hub at all ^_^

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Sorry about the weird characters, they displayed correctly in the preview. In the Norwegian name it's o with a slash and in the Swedish name it's o with an umlaut (sounds the same).

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