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It's That Time Of Year Again

Hope I'll see some of you at the Space Access conference in Phoenix next month.

[Update at 9:30 AM]

Attendees will get to hear John Carmack talk about cool vehicles like this one.


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

Wish I could be there (as an aside I wonder if foreigners attending could trigger ITAR headaches --I could print and wear a special "ITAR Warning: Not An US Citizen" t-shirt ^_^ perhaps some other time), mostly because of this part:
"Space Propellant Depots Panel with Jon Goff, Dallas Bienhoff, Frank Zegler [Sr. Staff, ULA Advanced Programs], and Rand Simberg"

I don't know all that much about Zegler (Google returns some interesting stuff I'll have to look at) but the rest of you (and particularly the participation of Bienhoff) makes that look extremely interesting: it's like an all-star team on the topic.

I know it's only a panel and that I'm not the right person to dish out accolades since I don't know much about it that I didn't get from the participants but I'm happy the topic receives this kind of attention.

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