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Looks Like A Small Lion To Me

Dennis Wingo wants you to vote for his cat. It looks like a worthy cause.


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ALF wrote:

Vote for? How do you vote for a live cat? I usually go by taste, or tenderness when I judge a cat. After all, the only good cat, is a stir fried cat!

HAH!! I kill me.

Jay Manifold wrote:

Done. Saved me a trip to the polls in November ...

Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:


Thanks! He is our little Lion. Two and a half years ago he had torn large chunks of his fur out, he weighed about 4 pounds and could barely walk. It took us almost a year of feeding before we could even touch him.

I will tell the folks at Happy Paws and thanks a bunch!

Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:


Here is the Animal Shelter that will benefit.

blagden alley wrote:

It's a Maine Coon Cat, at least mostly.

Our older one is 40+" nose to tail, 25 fat free pounds, loves snow and cold, and is very athletic.

Normal fo the breed.

Bryan Price wrote:

I voted for you Ray. Although had I seen the one eyed cat first, that one would have probably gotten my attention.

And then there's the beagles! (Yes, that does sound like a beagle to me)

I clicked on the next link for like 20 times. How many critters are in this competition?

Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:

Naaa, Sporty is a long haired Tabby. He weighs about 12 pounds. He is pretty big for a normal kitty but he had a very hard young life. He has a twin brother named Eddie and they came to us as a pretty much matched pair. They were living under our house and when they started pooing there we had to block it up. This drove Eddie off but Sport was too weak to leave. He stayed and doubled in size while his brother, who went feral again, did not. Only recently the brother showed back up and today as adults Sport is twice the size of Eddie.

There is a whole group of near feral cats in our neighborhood on the lake that comes from this woman who really does not understand what she is doing with animals and does not have the money to feed her menagerie.

Sporty may have some Maine Coon in him but the vast majority is long haired tabby, pretty close to a cat I had in Texas over 25 years ago.

Here is a picture of him in all his glory in the back yard.

He does not look like this at all in summer, it is his winter coat.

Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:


There are a LOT of animals, probably upwards of 10,000 per week!

Paul F. Dietz wrote:

Maine Coons are nice cats; I had wanted to get one, but was out-voted by the female members of the family. :) We ended up getting a pair of apple-headed (traditional, not modern wedge head) Siamese instead, from this place:

I do applaud Dennis for rescuing a cat from a shelter; perhaps we should have done so, but the two we got are so loving it's very hard to regret the decision. We did foster a kitten a few years ago; it had had its ears damaged in a leaf fire (set by someone who, to their horror, discovered there were kittens in the pile only after doing so). We named it 'Little Fuego' and were amused to learn that the folks who later adopted it chose the name 'Fuego' entirely independently.

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