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Overgrown Children

Lileks has some tart thoughts on those who believe that America sux:

You can picture the satisfied little grins on the authors' faces; you can imagine the whole tableau--the computer (which most people in the world will never touch, let alone use, let alone own) the TV in the corner connected to a network that has channels catering to every taste, the iPod stocked with music hoovered up free of charge without consequence, the fridge stocked with food--the light comes on when you open the door, too, unless it's burned out, and then you go to the store and get another one; they always have another one. The soft bed, the coffee machine, the well-fed pet, the vast panoply of free information and unfettered opinion flowing 24/7 from the internet. You can drink alcohol without being sentenced to death; you can be a girl alone in a room with a man without earning a public stoning; you can stand up in a room and argue for the candidate of your choice without being arrested; you stand in a society that allows for astonishing amounts of freedom, comfort and opportunity. But.

But. Someone somewhere is a practicing Baptist and someone somewhere else is eating a hamburger larger than you'd prefer, and other people are watching cars go around a track at high speed. As your skinny unhappy friend said the other night: people are just too fat and happy. He bites his nails and plays WoW six hours a night, but he has a point. It doesn't matter that these fascists-in-fetal-form never quite seem to accomplish anything; it's not like they drove the gay Teletubbies off the air or had Tony Kushner drawn and quartered in the public square. But they're preventing something. Something wonderful. And they're driving large cars to Wal-Mart and putting 18-roll packs of Charmin in the back and they have three kids. Earth has withstood a lot in its four billion years, but it cannot withstand them. And even if it does, who wants to live in a world where these people don't care that they're being mocked by small, underfunded theaters in honest, gritty neighborhoods? (Which are being gentrified by upwardly-mobile poseurs who have decided it's a great place to live because the theater is good and the restaurants are cheap. F*#*$ing interlopers. But we'll deal with them later.)

Hey, "Murkan Boob"? You're probably too stupid to realize it, but he's talking to you.

I'm tempted, actually, to institute a new comment policy. Anyone who leaves brainless comments anonymously using a "clever" (which is to say, stupid) nickname, off topic, will have posts deleted and the poster will be banned. I'm all for an interesting discussion, but these drive-by cowardly graffiti artists get very tiresome.


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Rick C wrote:

It's far more amusing to, as Steve H. put it, "help commenters say what they really meant" than to simply delete/ban them. More work, tho.

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