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Quad Cores For Everyone!

But no ponies. A look at the near future of microprocessors.

I find it amusing that so many people will be using quad-core machines for word processing and email. On the other hand, we'll probably need that kind of processing power to filter all the spam.


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Rick C wrote:

Dual-core machines are nice, even for the word-proc/email crowd, because it makes the computer more responsive, especially if you're running a realtime AV. You probably already knew that, of course, but it is an advantage. Since I've gone to dual-core machines I almost never see the computer do momentary freeze ups any longer.

Larry J wrote:

Given current trends in Windows, we'll need multi-gigabytes of RAM and quad cores to run whatever follows Vista. We just about need it today. Windows is a CPU sink. It'll absorb whatever computer power you can throw at it. When hardware advances to a certain point, Microsoft releases a new version of Windows to slow the computer down to the apparent speed of a 25 MHz 486 running DOS.

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