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Still Popping The Corn

The racial (and sexual) internecine warfare within the Democrat Party continues.

It's going to get a lot uglier than this before it's over. And it's well deserved, by both sides of the identity-politics gang.


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K wrote:

Vintage schadenfreude.

The Vagina Warriors going ballistic because that mean ol Barry's played the race card? And complaints about press bias? Oh dear, who'd have thought?

When Rove decided to get Obama to run against Hill it was pure genius. Who knows, this could be the future of the Democratic party. Election cycle after election cycle, one victim class running off against another. If Edwards had only come out of the closet he could still be in the race. Should have listened to Coulter.

David wrote:

I don't get it - how is identity politics not racism at its worst?

Karl Hallowell wrote:

We aren't killing people based on ethnicity. It can get a lot worse.

Paul Hsieh wrote:

The answer for the Democrats is actually quite simple.

Either Hillary needs a race change operation or Obama needs a sex change operation. Then they'll have all their bases covered.

Who says you can't learn anything from watching "South Park"?

"Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina"

Mike Gerson wrote:


The military genius is linking to of all people, Taylor Marsh!!!

I guess he doesn't know that she is considered a JOKE by liberals.

Keep eating that popcorn buddy. You are going to need it.

Mike Puckett wrote:

Joke, or not, her Hillary supporter posters are quite serious.

Taylor isn't the story, they are. Just keep whistling past that graveyard......

Mike Gerson wrote:

Taylor's lesbian hordes will saddle up for the ride when Hillary is the VP nominee.

Get that popcorn while it's hot.

Mike Puckett wrote:

What parallel universe where Hillary allow herself to play second fiddle are you talking about?

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