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The Big Lie Continues

I don't generally agree with Paul Krugman (to put it mildly) and in fact I don't agree with much in this piece, either, except for one thing:

I'm not the first to point out that the Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality.

But the real reason I put this post up is to note the lie that will not die (mostly because the media liars, or at least deranged, such as Krugman, who may actually believe it, continue to promulgate it).

The prime example of Clinton rules in the 1990s was the way the press covered Whitewater. A small, failed land deal became the basis of a multiyear, multimillion-dollar investigation, which never found any evidence of wrongdoing on the Clintons' part, yet the "scandal" became a symbol of the Clinton administration's alleged corruption.

There was abundant evidence of wrongdoing found, and it can be found in Bob Ray's report. The fact that he chose not to indict was not because there wasn't "any" evidence. It was because he didn't think that he had enough (and indeed, he may have thought that no amount would have been enough) to successfully prosecute and convict them, given the fact that it would only take a single Clinton cultist to hang a jury, as happened in the Susan MacDougal case.

Just to clarify the record. I won't bother to fisk the rest of Krugman's Clinton-defending nonsense today.


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rjschwarz wrote:

The best part of the Kruegman article is that he make the claim that it's Obama's folks doing all the negative insinuating.

Jonathan wrote:

Remember, it was all about sex! Except now, during the current campaign, where it's never about sex!

Steve wrote:

If there ever was a cult of personality it is the Clintons. He's a stuffed shirt. A shirt, by the way, who's tail barely hides the worlds largest set of over used testicles. Hitlary is worse by far than Bill ever was, she's Dr Evil to the brainless cult followers of the1st Church of Clintonistism. As worthless as he is, she's by far more dangerous of the two. He was in it for the tail and the free meals served trice daily in state houses and other gub'ment institutions. It beat the hell out of working.

Maybe I'm being to rough on her, after all she just has an agenda of dismantling the Constitution as she sees fit, instituting socialist health care and she even sounds like she wants to nationalize certain sectors of the economy. Starting with big oil. Where's the rub right? All she wants to do is save us from our selves.

I'd prefer to go down in a ball of my own well thought over, personally chosen all searing flames, instead of drowning in her misguided, second hand, bad ideas touted as good deeds

Hail Hillary? I hope to God not..

Sam Dinkin wrote:

Being a crook does not make someone bad at governance. Clinton represents cold comfort compared to the other candidates. We should expect a Presidency a lot like Bill's: corruption and middle-of-the-left-side-of-the-road policies. The Senate is a great curb on Presidential activism. And if corruption gets out of hand, a ballyhooed distraction in the event of an Impeachment.

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