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The End Of The Steam Age

The Navy is shifting from steam catapults to electric launchers for its aircraft carriers.



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DocBrown wrote:

Not a rail gun. More like linear electric motor.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I guess you're right, on rereading it. I was misled by the source of the link.

Larry J wrote:

I'm not certain but I've heard that the S-3 Vikings (AKA "Hoovers") have already been or will soon be phased out of the inventory.

Given a sufficient energy storage mechanism such as super capaciters, it might be possible to capture some of the energy of landing aircraft and use that to help launch other aircraft.

Paul F.Dietz wrote:

I understand the Navy would also like to move to electric drive in its ships, rather than having direct mechanical connections between the engine(s) and the props. Increasing the electrical power capacity of the ships may also mean electrically driven weapons (electric guns, various kinds of beam weapons) may be closer to practicality.

Phil Fraering wrote:

Paul, I understand that there are commercial ships already with indirect drive and/or electric transmissions.

(They've been doing that with railroad locomotives for how long now?)

I don't understand what's causing the Navy to take so long.

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