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The Problem With Democracy

There will always be more sheep than wolves. There will also be a lot more sheep than sheep dogs.


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K wrote:

Want to stop the nanny state? Repeat after me,
"Three day work week.".

Productivity has been growing for decades. Productivity is measured in man hour reduction.
The surplus wealth which was generated by the increases in productivity while maintaining constant work weeks have been used to expand the bureaucratic class rather than reduce the work week. Expanding the bureaucratic class creates nanny state so they can do something (meddle in your lives).

Going to 3 day work week cuts off wealth which has been confiscated to create bureaucracy. Unemployment doesn't rise because the out of work bureaucrats will get jobs in the private sector where 2 days a week for each worker will now be available.

I believe France tried the 3 day work week until the growth index started dropping. Their mistake was to leave the bureaucracy intact while dropping the income. The experiment was terminated quickly. In order to not make the same mistake, follow these rules.
1. First terminate the bureaucrats and nanny state programs.
2. Then initiate the 3 day work week.

teej wrote:

K wrote:

"Want to stop the nanny state?...

1.First terminate the bureaucrats and nanny state programs.

Well yes that would definitely be a good first step. However, given the linked discussion regarding ratio of sheep to wolves, getting from step 0 to step 1 might be somewhat difficult.

However, I do think Mr. K has a future as a stratagist for Obama. Think of the possiblilities:

Want to live in peace?
1. First eliminate war.

Want to live in safety?
1. Terminate the criminals.

Want to end poverty?
1. First make everyone rich.

Want to end racism in America?
1. First elect me!

DensityDuck wrote:

Oh Jesus, it's that dumb-ass "sheep dogs" metaphor again.

Buddy, there are no sheep dogs. There are only wolves who've realized that it's easier to guard the sheep and let them feed you.

Big D wrote:

Easier? It's easier for a guy with multiple college degrees (and maybe a doctorate) to spend a year or two in one of the more inhospitable climates known to man, while other people try to kill or maim him in new and creative ways, than it would be to get a job in an office?

Yeah, because there is no thing as patriotism, sense of duty, or honor. We're all just walking utilitarian machines. :P

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