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Where Will I Get My Shower Radio?

Sharper Image has filed for Chapter 11. I wonder if they'll be able to reorganize?

I always thought their stuff was overpriced, and apparently a lot of people agreed with me. They also spent a lot on sending out all the catalogs. I wonder if their business model even works any more, what with Amazon and all.


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Karl Hallowell wrote:

Isn't Chapter 11 precisely filing for bankruptcy reorganization?

Steve wrote:

I think you're making light of Rand's plight. You don't really expect him to keep up his fine journalistic edge here, after combing his hair, while looking into Garfield's belly button, do you?

Mike wrote:

I can't sleep without their "sound soother", the little portable one, nor Ambien CR.
Of the two, "sound soother" is much the better cost/benefit ratio.
Oh well, I already have it, and the last one lasted over 20 years, much longer than I will.

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