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Yeah, I'm Still Here

I'm actually suffering from a rare thing for me--writer's block. Primarily because there is so much to blog about on the space policy front that I can't even figure out where to start, and I have some personal issues (and no, not health, and not relationship--not that big a deal in the grand scheme--primarily financial and organizing my life) going on that are distracting. But until I can do so, here are some links.

Go read Shubber's latest at Space Cynics, then Jon Goff's semi-concurrence. Go read Jeff Foust's account of Mike Griffin's defense of his architecture choices (responding to that is a long blog post in itself). And then, what the hell, just go scroll through Space Politics, and Clark's place. If you haven't been doing that already (they're all on my space blogroll to the left), then there will be a lot of food for thought, even before I weigh in.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Oh, and while it's kind of last week's news, go check out Thomas James' interesting side-by-side comparison between his remembrances of Challenger and Columbia. More contrast than mine, because I was working in the industry during both, while (being younger than me) he went through a major life transition between the two.


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Mike Puckett wrote:

Since everybody is making predictions in those doom and gloom threads, I will make one.

John McCain will be elected the next POTUS and he will not see fit to replace Mike Griffin at least for the first several years of his term of office.

Jonathan Goff wrote:

And you say I'm spreading gloom and doom? ;-)


Anonymous wrote:

Actually Shubber.

Still, I think President McCain replacing Griffin will be about as likey as Clinton replacing Goldin.

I simply don't think it will be concern of his, contrary to the wishes of Bob Oler.

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