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Virginia Postrel had successful surgery, and is posting again, including one on John McCain, non-conservative:

McCain is an instinctive regulator who considers business a base pursuit. It doesn't help that the senator's personal connections with commerce are largely limited to a highly protected local industry (distributing beer) and outright corruption (the Charles Keating scandal). And he's every bit as moralistic as Hillary Clinton, our would-be national nanny. His first response to something he doesn't like--particularly something commercial he doesn't like--is to ban it.

This year's presidential options are the most depressing in my memory (and that's saying something).

Anyway, here's to a continued full recovery.


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Karl Hallowell wrote:

I guess 2004 was ancient history. As was 2000. And maybe 1996, 1992, and 1988 too now that I think about it. I'm sorry Rand, but all I see here is high levels of "emo" and puffery. To me, this is the best race since Carter got whupped by Reagan for both parties.

As for me, McCain is the first Republican candidate since Eisenhower that I would feel comfortable voting for. He doesn't have the ideological baggage that taints many others (like Reagan and G. W. Bush). His ethics are a bit too loose (Keating scandal and other "Arizona mafia" things), but he still appears above average for the Republican crowd. Thompson would have been better, but he didn't make it.

Rand Simberg wrote:

In 2004, at least Bush was a known quantity for me. I think that, from a libertarian perspective, McCain will be much worse than Bush. At least Bush didn't hate business.

Larry J wrote:

I wonder if McCain's apparent hostility to business comes from his military background. When I was in the Air Force, we used to refer to "bloodsucking contractors", sometimes with the word "scum" added for good measure. Today, I am defense contractor scum and proud of it.

McCain grew up in a military family and spend many years on active duty. If he picked up that "contractor scum" attitude towards business in general, it might explain a lot.

Quite frankly, McCain hasn't given me any reason to vote for him. All I keep hearing is that the other side will suck even worse. If that's the best the Republicans can do this year, then they're quite likely in for a severe beating in November.

Jonathan wrote:

McCain is a lousy candidate. The alternatives are worse. That's all the reason I need to vote for him. Seeking aesthetic, emotional or religious satisfaction in politics is a fool's errand.

Bilwick1 wrote:

" . . . the ideological baggage that taints many others (like Reagan. . . .")

You mean that quaint pro-freedom thing?

Rand Simberg wrote:

What "ideological baggage" does George W. Bush carry? He's certainly not a conservative.

K wrote:

Better to jump into the hot water than be boiled slowly. With one you learn not to jump into hot water, with the other, you die.

When you don't have a meaningful choice, the entire democratic structure is threatened. McCain=Hillary=Obama.

I'll be voting libertarian this year.

Kelly Starks wrote:

Agree Rand. The presidential candidate selection is really making me sick. Bush turned out better then I feared -- but I had really low expectations. But McCain or Hillary/Obama make Bush look like Lincon!

All are very busness hostile, against everything that helps the economy, and LOVE big government control of everything. Oh and McCain and Hillary are know for being intolerant, and VERY vindictive to anyone who disagrees with them. About the only thing that makes McCain consevative is he's socially conservative adn strongly anti abortion. [Oh joy]


And Next November I'm supposed to work up the enthusiasm to brave a Wisconsin November to vote for one of these??

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