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Back To The Drawing Board


I just remembered that I called the Bob Davis show this morning to talk about the new theory re: Moses and the Ten Commandments: dude was high. Apparently a professor somewhere has suggested that the entire experience was the result of a mushroom or some such ceremonial intoxicant. I called to say I didn't believe it, because if Moses was tripping we wouldn't have ten commandments. We would have three. The first would make sense, more or less; the second, written half an hour later, would command profound respect for lizards who sit on stones and look at you, because they're freaking incredible when you think about it, and the third would be gibberish. Never mind the problem of getting the tablets down the mountain - anyone who has experience of watching stoners try to assemble pizza money when the doorbell rings doubts that Moses could have hauled stone tablets all the way down.

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Jeff Mauldin wrote:

I give you the 15
10...10 commandments!

Billy Beck wrote:

Anybody think to ask Lileks how he might know what he's talking about?

You know what? I believe that the answer would reveal that he doesn't know what he's talking about. It's just talk.

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