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"Cry Me A River, Mr. Wright"

A screed, over at the Navlog:

That's it for me. I am no fan of Ms. Clinton. And as a conservative I have become used to perpetual abuse and viciousness from a Left my mother would neither recognize nor stand for, despite her politics of 40 years ago. But enough is enough, Mr. Wright, you whiney candyass. The fact is that you, Mr. Wright, will never know what it is like to step out of school as a kid and year after year, hear someone yell, "Get the kike!" and have four or five kids jump you and beat you up, sometimes leaving you unconscious by the side of the road. The difference, Mr. Wright, is that Jews -- and Mormons and Catholics and Adians -- who suffered through such a childhood 40 or 50 years ago never called a press conference, never demanded 'reparations,' never went to the press with demands, never just sat on their asses and complained. They just determined to work even harder to succeed and learned to fight. Mr. Wright, you are a poisonous embarrassment to the United States and to black America. That Mr. Obama refuses to call you for what you are and continues to seek your support should be all that a voter needs to know this November.

He not only "refuses to call him for what he is," but he gives him thousands of dollars (while Michelle whines about what a terrible world it is in which she has to pay back her loans that got her through the Ivy League and into her multi-hundred-thousand-dollar job), and he takes his young children to church on Sundays to poison their minds with this America hatred.

I can understand why the Clinton campaign is so furious with the media, when they could have been reporting this stuff months ago. On the other hand, I have no sympathy, since Bill Clinton could never have gotten elected without similarly fawning and myopic press coverage. If I were a Democrat, I would be very, very concerned about what's going to happen this summer and fall. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving political party.


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kurt9 wrote:

I loved the screed. I, too, am sick of this liberal-left culture of glorifying victimhood.

What we are seeing is the end-game of identity politics that the liberal-left has foisted for the past 40 years. That the usual suspects are now getting a dose of the medicine that has been dished out to anyone who is not liberal-left is really quite delicious to watch.

kurt9 wrote:

We have the same kind of left-wing victimhood crappola in Portland, Oregon. First, the mayor wanted to rename a street after Caeser Chavez. The city has an established process for renaming streets. However, he tried to bypass this process and rename a street by fiat, which backfired on him quite badly. He then blamed all of those "racists" on the city council for opposing him, even though what he was trying to do was illegal by current city law. The thing is that there are many Asians (Thais, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, etc.) living in the Portland area. Yet, none of them have insisted that a street be named after them. Why should Hispanics get special consideration here? This is simply blatant victimhood at its best.

Secondly, the same mayor, nearing the end of his term made a big splash in the press at one of the local high schools about how we do not talk enough about race and racial issues in Portland. He was, of course, talking about issue relating to African-Americans. What was not said is that African Americans make up about 3% of the population here, whereas Asians make up around 9%. Yet the Asians get along just fine with everyone else here and none of us feel compelled to talk about race. Again, another example of the promugation of victimhood by a liberal-left politician. On and on it goes.

These people are really becoming a bore.

Jonathan wrote:

The country would be much better off with two serious political parties.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Heck, I'd settle for one.

Jay Manifold wrote:

"Adians" = Asians?

Rand Simberg wrote:

"Adians" = Asians?

Well, that's probably a better guess than these people.

Dick Eagleson wrote:

Hmmm. Adians are Canadians with no "can." Canadians who can't? That must be why they're victims!

I'll shut up now.

Billy Beck wrote:

Wright will never know what it's like to wear his hair long and happen to be riding on a Harley through what some cop thinks is the wrong neighborhood for that.

And he'll surely never know the racism of black Atlanta cops.

Bless his little pin head.

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