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Damn You, Global Warming

Damn you! It's interfering with the Canadian seal hunt

"It's a very slow start," said Phil Jenkins, spokesman for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, noting that sealing boats were finding it difficult to get to the herds because of thick ice.

Emphasis mine. Just another one of those insidious effects.



philw1776 wrote:

Gotta luv the AGW theory. Warm weather... the cult, I mean theory of AGW explains it! Extra cold weather as with the seal hunt or here in New England where we've had record snowfall and below normal problem, just re-name it to 'climate change' and Viola! theory vindicated by observation. Nobel Prize material.

Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:

Uh Rand

If you look at the date of the article (Feb 13, 2008), we have already passed the 30 day window for the USGS announcement. Looks like it is a scam.

Too bad.

According to someone on another blog, Marathon oil is talking about 20,000 barrels a day right now. Nice but hardly the holy grail.

Mike Puckett wrote:


You posted in the wrong thread. Read my links.

As to the USGS being late, hell my agency has reports that are FIVE YEARS LATE!

Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:


WRong thread

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