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Her Next Career

Iowahawk provides a glimpse of Hillary!'s future in the restaurant business.

Describe Incident(s) (be specific, including time)

At initial clock-in at 3:55 4/21/08, Sharon says Hillary refused to change into uniform skirt, which she said was demeaning, unflattering to legs. Hillary agreed to wear skirt only after lengthy argument between Sharon and Hillary's attorneys. After numeorous complaints from customers, Hillary allowed to wear pants.

On 4/22/08, Sharon arrived for dinner shift, found restaurant unstaffed. Entire crew was in breakroom, where they said Hillary forced them to attend something called "Sausage Pricing Taskforce."

Disciplinary Action:

Verbal reprimand; ordered new pantsuit uniform from District 6 Supply (size 18 short)

It gets better, naturally.


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