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I Hate When That Happens

This is really a horrible story, but it's also hard not to laugh at it, and be a human:

A German retiree is taking a hospital to court after she went in for a leg operation and got a new @nus instead, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

Talk about tearing someone a new one. Ah, the jokes just write themselves.

It's also a lesson that you really need to have an advocate when you go to the hospital, though it's not clear if it would have helped in this case.

[Afternoon update]

And they're off:

"When she's done, she'll have money coming out of the 'wazoo.'"

"Sort of reminds me of what is going to happen in the USA next January 20."


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Josh Reiter wrote:

I actually knew a guy that was born without the sphincter muscle. He had to have a sphincter muscle constructed using existing muscle tissue otherwise poop would just fall into his pants for the rest of his life. During his recovery from surgery, the surgeon came in with a parade of medical students and he had to bend over and spread his cheeks for the whole crowd. The surgeon then asked, "To wink a few times for us...."

I know that at Parkland hospital when you are having surgery on say a knee or arm or kidney. That before your surgery a nurse will hand the patient a permanent marker and have you actually write on the skin which leg or body part is supposed to be operated on. So like, you need your right knee cut open you write, "YES!" on that right leg above the knee and then on the left leg you scribble "PLEASE GOD NO!!" But the surgeons still manage to remove the wrong part sometimes still.

Mike Combs wrote:

Going in to surgery, it's always good to have someone look at the foot of the bed to ensure that the chart has the right name on it.

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