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Now This Was Just Mean

Actually, it sounds like something I would do, if I had nothing better (or more entertaining) to do:

I just had a young lady, age 22, call me up from the Clinton campaign to see if I had voted yet. I said no, but it was raining, and I wasn't sure I was going to get out and vote. She wanted to know who I was supporting, Hillary or Obama? I said it was difficult to choose between the two of them, and asked for her opinion. I kept that poor girl on the line for about a half hour (work-wise, I was having a slow day). I had her jumping through hoops on NAFTA, health care, the war in Afghanistan, etc. No matter what we talked about, I would get squishy and head off in a different direction (that's my usual impersonation of a lib). I started expressing my concern that "the minority community" would feel betrayed if Obama doesn't get the nomination. "What will this do to future of the Party?"

But at least he's not as rough on telemarketers as this guy.


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Mike wrote:

Perhaps that girl withdraw herself from the campaign after spoken to Jean. I'm too waiting for someone to call me, so I can pass some of my time. LOL!
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DH wrote:

The "crime scene" was a hoot. Another way to get at telemarketers is to start asking questions right back at them.
Resident: "Just a minute, can I ask you a question"
Telemarketer: "Well, yes"
Resident: "Do you like to travel?"
Telemarketer: "Sure"
Resident: "Do you enjoy sex?"
Telemarketer, usually after several seconds of dead silence: "Well, yes."
Resident: "Then why don't you take a f****** hike?"
Guaranteed to get you off the call list!

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