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So I Attended The Press Conference

Did I live blog it? Obviously not.

I couldn't see paying fifty bucks for a slow wireless connection, which was what was on offer. If I have the energy later, I may post what I would have live blogged, had I had an Intertube connection. Still kind of beat from recent travails for now, though. I need to get some dinner, pack, and take it easy tonight, so I can get up early to drive to Phoenix in the morning for a mid-afternoon conference start.


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Geewhiz wrote:

Rand, dude! S'ok that u didn't live blog it (heck if I was back at home rather than here at Emory U I coulda taken the ten-minute drive down to the conference - if they'd've let me in, of course).

Anyway, here's an interesting concept:

Have you heard about this? What do you think?

Frank Glover wrote:

Hmm...but being paper (and so, requiring a cool re-entry), how would you track it? Radar and infrared would seem to be useless.

I mean, this would be as stealthy as all get out, so much so, that even the 'operators' wouldn't know what happened to it...

FC wrote:

Lightweight transponder and/or satellite beacon?

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