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Under The Weather

Blogging may be light this weekend. I came down with some kind of crud yesterday morning. Nothing major--just a general achiness, with a slight fever and alternating chills and sweats. And severe gumption shortage. I'm hoping that today is the worst day. I'd really like to be better for my trip out west on Tuesday.


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Bob wrote:

I hope you feel better soon! Nevermind your happiness, do it for us -- it is no fun criticizing the sick and the infirm!

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Hope you get better soon and bounce back for what seems like it will be a busy and interesting week.

Leland wrote:

Under the weather or fighting pollen allergies? Either way, I hope you feel better soon, though I didn't notice much slacking on the blog.

Rand Simberg wrote:

I think it's some kind of flu bug that I'm fighting. My temperature wanders around, and I alternate between severe chills, and then sweating like a hog. I'm hoping it will settle down by tomorrow morning, when I'm scheduled to fly to LA.

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