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What Am I Missing?

Could Jeremiah Wright explain to me how boycotting Walmart improves the quality of life in the third world?


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redneck wrote:

I followed the links and they prove that you were wrong on one point recently. Cluelessness can be raised to an art form.

Seig Heil Obama! wrote:

[Comment deleted for language]

Albert Hussein Camus wrote:

Did you actually follow the links, or did someone goose step to the NRO drummer?

I wind up with a link to the UCC church bulletin, which has a strange obsession with Jesus, quite surprising for a Moslem congregation.

Crispytoast wrote:

Explain? You mean, use logic and rational arguments? Pfft. That's not how you bring about Change! You just take Action, and have the Audacity to Hope that your Action, even if it's foolish and bizarre, will bring about the desired result. It's best if those desires are empty of anything except rhetorical flourishes, because then it's easier to persuade yourself (and, apparently, mushy-brained millions) that you've made a difference.

Blacksmith wrote:

It's right there, just where NRO said it was (page 14), as the next to last item of the right-hand (That's the hand that doesn't make an "L" with your thumb when you hold it out in front of you, Al) column.

Direct quote:
"Action Items:
"Boycott Wal-Mart & Sam's Club"

Note that that's the *only* action item. As opposed to anything that could be mistaken for a "strange obsession with Jesus." I can only surmise that they wanted to obey some Commandment about taking certain names in vain.

Everything I own that came from the Third World I bought at Wal-Mart.

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