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What Were They Thinking?

I mean, anyone could have predicted this: John Denver Karaoke Sparks Thai Killing Spree.

But I have to admit, I would have guessed "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" would have been the tune to send him over the edge. Oh, the humanity.


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T.L. James wrote:

"Weenus Chumkamnerd"?

I had to check the masthead twice to make sure it wasn't The Onion.

I can understand it, though. Once through one John Denver song is enough to drive me up the wall -- it's amazing Weenus maintained his sanity as long as he did (with multiple playings in karaoke, at that).

Steve wrote:

T.L. I'm with you, it sounds "Oniony" to me. When guy named Weenus shoots his drunken brother-in-law, a guy named Bootnip, how can you NOT go there immediately?

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