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Are You Happy To See Me?

...or is that just a snake in your pants?

The video is a little difficult to see, but shop owner Rick Preuss say it's clear she's reaching into the cage and stuffing the snake down her pants. He says the woman had been in the store for some time, staking out the cage.

"In some ways, I wish it were this really big snake going down her pants [so you could see it better]. Instead what you see is a quick view from the camera" of the snake pattern, he says.

Well, if he were still around, Freud would say that she has trouser-snake envy.


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What would Indiana Jones think?

Paul F. Dietz wrote:

What, no herpes jokes?

Heck, what would Sandy Burger think?

Steve wrote:

She must be suffering from constrictor envy, many women do I hear.

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