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Back To FL

I've got an afternoon flight out of LAX that gets in late tonight. Things should start to get back to blogging normal tomorrow.

[Update about 3 PM PDT]

Well, tomorrow got here faster than I thought. No, I'm not blogging from the air. I (barely) missed my flight. I could have made it but it would have been sans luggage. I'm staying with my webmaster for the afternoon and evening, and going out on the redeye tonight. Fortunately, I wangled an upgrade.

[Wednesday afternoon update]

Got in about 7 AM EDT. Still catching up on sleep (and not just because of the red eye). Back a little later, perhaps with a (slight) site upgrade.


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David wrote:

Just a totally irrelevant post - I thought you might get a kick out of these election predictions (from a left - leaning site, no less!):

These are simulations of a presidential election based on current polling... though of course, polls this early may not mean a whole lot.

Never underestimate the ability of the Democrats to throw away a huge head start...


50% of people would vote Democrat in the next election
37% of people would vote Republican

Unless Obama or Hillary wins the nom...

Leland wrote:

Already got a site upgrade, you banned the anonymous moron.

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