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Blogging Remains Scattered And Variable

I'm still not over this bug. I was pretty much done with the chills, sweats and fever a week ago, but it's transmogrified into something more like a head cold. My nose has pretty much dried up now, and my voice no longer resembles that of a frog, so I can do business on the phone again, but it's settled into my lungs now, and my energy level remains pretty low. Today is coughing-up-a-lung day (though sometimes it feels like I might reach down deep and hock up a kidney). I don't think it's turning into pneumonia, but I'll keep an eye on it. All I know is that I don't have much energy. The good news is that I'm catching up on my reading, including finally getting around to Jonah's book(not to mention Mark Steyn's), both of which Patricia got me as a belated birthday present.


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Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:

Yea, the good news is that it will only last in the present mode for another couple of weeks to a month.


(in the latter stages myself)

Anonymous wrote:

It's THE cough. Several people I know have it. Lasts a few months. Whooping cough, I think.

For a change of pace, read Obama's books so you can critique him better instead of quoting other morons.

Rich Sheridan wrote:

This is currently making the rounds as the "4 week cold," and can easily turn into bronchitis. Get checked Rand.

Josh Reiter wrote:

Strengthen that immune system. The Airborne effervescent tabs have all the goodies a growing boy needs.

Mucinex DM is the most effective over the counter expectorant/suppressant bar none.

Take it for about 2-4 days and then everything will come up all at once in one big *HUFFAW*. It's gross but extremely satisfying.

LB Parker wrote:

Get thee to a doctor! You do NOT want pneumonia!

Jim C. wrote:

Yes, for pete's sake! If you haven't seen a doctor yet, do it ASAP! And if you have seen one, see him/her again! Remember what happened to Jim Henson.

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