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Campus Idiocy

There were some shots fired at Florida Atlantic University (two or three miles from my house) at a party last night. In what's obviously a ridiculous and gross overreaction to the Virginia Tech massacre, classes have been cancelled, the entire campus has been locked down, and twenty-five hundred students are now essentially prisoners in their dorms.

How long will this go on? Who knows? It could be days before they find the perp (no one was killed, and one person was wounded, and it's not even clear that the wound was from the gun), and they may never do so.

Florida is a shall-issue state, but I suspect that the school (like most) foolishly bans guns on campus (which obviously worked so well last night). Unfortunately, despite the fact that all the students are adults, and there's no reason to think that the shooter has any intention to shoot people on campus, they are being treated like children, deprived of the means to defend themselves, and locked away in their rooms. It's a continuation of the infantilization of society, and the growth of the nanny state. Obviously, the authorities are worried about being accused of not being sufficiently solicitous of the safety of the students, but apparently they don't believe that their liberty has any value. They need to understand that they have to have some balance. If I were one of those students, I'd bring suit for false imprisonment.

[Update an hour or so later]

I just heard that the police are "searching Boca Raton" for the gunman. So they're not restricting their search to campus? I'm only three miles or so from campus. Why haven't they come down my street and locked us in our houses? He could be anywhere. Why restrict it to campus?


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Sigivald wrote:

Why restrict it to campus?

Why, because that's the only place they can get away with doing that!

I'm sure any number of people would love to be able to lock everyone in their homes and do a house-to-house search and confiscation of arms; enough of them are quite open in their desire to take them all.

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