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Dog Bites Man

Mark Whittington has a completely pointless post:

...not much remarked, is the implicit endorsement of NASA's Vision for Space Exploration by one of the leading new commercial space companies

Is this supposed to be news? Is Mark aware of any commercial space company that is opposed to the VSE, or sending humans to the moon and Mars? I'm not. So what's the big deal?

Or is he confusing ESAS with VSE again?


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redneck wrote:

The company speaks well of a customer that just gave them a large contract. Not just any company, Rand, the company that is getting paid. You don't bite the hand and all that.

Rand Simberg wrote:

That's beside the point. My point is, that regardless of the politics, I'm not aware of any company that is, or has any reason to be, opposed to VSE, but Mark acts like it's a big deal. Elon is all in favor of Mars missions--that's why he started his company.

Edward Wright wrote:

Did you read the press release?

SpaceX explicitly calls for NASA should buy rides to the Moon, Mars, and beyond on SpaceX rockets.

That's the same plan Elon Musk and Frank Sietzen pitched to Sean O'Keefe in their private meeting back in 2003.

SpaceX does not "implicitly endorse" Mark's Vision that private enterprise should be confined to Low Earth Orbit.

Quite the exact opposite.

MarkShittington wrote:

More shitty internet "analysis" from shitty rocketeer "analyst" Mark Shittington.

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