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"Jews Who Support Obama..."

"...are like poultry supporting Colonel Sanders."

I think that he really has done us a favor with this new "dialogue" on race. He's shown how mainstream bigotry is within the black community. As the commenters point out, it's (finally, and justly) tearing the Democrat Party apart.

And Roger Simon has more thoughts on the "evil" that those Hollywood Jews have done to blacks:

Lee seems genuinely to espouse the belief that African-Americans should only reconcile with Jews if Jews apologize for the supposed evil stereotypes they created of blacks via, I assume, the movies. I wonder if Lee means that Jew Stanley Kramer who made Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and The Defiant Ones. Or that Jew Ed Zwick who directed Glory? Maybe he's talking about me for scripting Richard Pryor's Bustin' Loose? It's not the greatest film in the world (though it did win an Image Award that year from the NAACP), but if I was trucking in black stereotypes, I'd like to know. Richard might have too, if he were with us. Or what Jew does Lee really mean? I'd like to see him name names. I'll name one - The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Lee is reading from that old racist playback. He is a racist himself.

No, no, no! Blacks can't be racist. Didn't you get the memo, Roger?

[Update in the afternoon]

Obama says that no one has spoken out against anti-semitism more than he has. Jake Tapper isn't impressed:

Really? No one?

Elie Wiesel? Simon Wiesenthal? Alan Dershowitz?

No one?


Neither am I. Though, as some point out in comments there, you have to be impressed with his arrogance and self righteousness.


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Leland wrote:

First, I must say the presentation here by Pajama's Media is bad. The text suggests that Mike Davis continued to listen to Lee's speech, but Ziman says that Mike Davis came to her, right after she left, and said "this isn't what I believe". Also, Ziman takes offense to what I can pass off as a joke, "A Jewish Rabbi came to me... (laugh) I guess all Rabbi's are Jewish". Sorry, but I don't find that to be a big deal.

What is outrageous is Lee went on to say the Rabbi thought the Jewish and African American community should come together (apparently something the African American fraternity thought too, since they were giving Ziman, a Jew, an award), and Lee's response to the Rabbi and the crowd was "NO, NO, NO!!! Not until the Jews apologize" and lists a litany of supposed evils by Jews carried out on African Americans. So let's read how Reverend Lee life was handicapped:
Rev. Eric P. Lee has worked in the finance industry for over 20 years, and in the capacity of senior management for 15 years. Prior to joining the SCLC of Greater Los Angeles, Rev. Lee’s experience consists of starting a new U.S. Bank branch in the heart of the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. The U.S. Bank branch established by Rev. Lee became profitable faster than any new branch in the history of U.S. Bank. Rev. Lee also managed the flagship branch of OneUnited Bank, located at the corner of Stocker and Crenshaw. OneUnited Bank is the largest African American owned bank in the United States.

Rev. Lee is a victim, so I guess he has the right to demand an apology.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

And what does this have to do with Obama? The closest "connection" I can see is that Lee is supposed to be some sort of "Obama supporter" in Los Angeles.

Rand Simberg wrote:

The closest "connection" I can see is that Lee is supposed to be some sort of "Obama supporter" in Los Angeles.

That seems to be close enough for a lot of people to want to associate McCain with Hagee.

Steve wrote:

Once again I'm in sync with Karl.

Is the connection of Lee to Obama the color of his skin? Or more correctly, half his skin? It says nothing anywhere in the links about a line of contact to Obama from this sad situation.

The problem in occurrences like this today in our country happen when NO ONE evidently stands up to jerks at the time of the insult. Editorials, apologies and retractions after the fact, are USE LESS! You know people, there was actually a time in this country when, if in a public situation, a man openly insulted a woman, some good citizen would poke him one in the chops to shut him up and remind him to show some manners in that public place.

I sure am glad we're too civilized and well policed for that to happen now. Yeah.

Anonymous wrote:

What sort of moronic idiocy is Rand trying to imply here?

Look, there are tons of Jews who support Obama. Half-Jews can also support Obama even though he is half-Black. Happy now?

What's next Mr. Simberg? Maybe you are still ill, but you can come up with something better, I hope. Obama's principal backer in his entry to politics was a Jew. A Jew. Repeat a Jew. Full Jew, not half-Jew, suporting the half-Black.

Meanwhile a McCain backer has just trashed not Obama but Tiger Woods. I guess half-Blacks are in for it these days.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Look, there are tons of Jews who support Obama.

I never stated otherwise. Do you have a problem with reading comprehension? All I said is that they're fools to do so, given the insouciance with which he treats his anti-semitic fellow travelers.

Ashley wrote:

I don't know if Obama is anti-semitic, but I doubt that it's tearing the party apart. None of the liberal blogs I read have even mentioned this issue.

Anonymous wrote:

Mr. Simberg is in the process of constructing a template that he really wants Mr. Obama to try on for a fit. Pretty sad and pathetic effort in my opinion, since the template is a work of fiction.

Leland wrote:


I agree that others want to pound Mccain based on his supporters. Certainly, the anonymous cretin that visits this blog is often one of them. However, I so no reason to always respond in kind.

Reverend Eric Lee is a patethic person. He has accomplish many great things but wants to give pretense that he is a victim that was held back. It is absurd that he blames a race of people for whatever perceived troubles he has had. It is outrageous that he chooses to field such a diatribe to deminish a philanthropist's recognition.

That said, I can't find any connection, beyond a contribution, between Eric Lee and either Barack Obama or Jeremiah Wright. I can't even find any evidence that Reverend Lee even follows the teachings of Black Liberation Theology. So I don't connect Obama to Reverend Lee in any meaningful way.

You are right though, if not for Obama's campaign and his support of Reverend Wright, stories like Ms. Ziman being reprimanded because of her race by a black minister would probably go unnoticed by almost everyone not directly associated with the event. There is also little evidence that Obama really has distanced himself from such beliefs. This could be an opportunity to do so.

Anonymous wrote:

If anything people should be afraid that Obama is the ultimate Jewish sleeper agent. Ask Abner Mikva about this.

Mike Puckett wrote:

"Obama's principal backer in his entry to politics was a Jew. A Jew. Repeat a Jew. Full Jew, not half-Jew, suporting the half-Black. "

I will never understand why so many Jews act so blatantly against their own self-interest. The enigma of the self-hating Jew.

"Meanwhile a McCain backer has just trashed not Obama but Tiger Woods. I guess half-Blacks are in for it these days."

I notice no where do you link to a full and accurate quote of that incident. Perhaps is is not worded quite as favorabley to you interests as your crocodile tears would indicate.

Or perhaps you and Jay 'carpetbagger' Rockafeller were callously dropping "Laser guided missiles" over Vietnam and could not be troubled to do such.

Anonymous wrote:

Colin Powell looks at Jeremiah Wright:

More America haters. Who'd a thunk?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Anonymous Idiot has obviously confused us with people who give a damn what Colin Powell thinks.

Mike Puckett wrote:

Doesn't Obama have famous anti-semite Zbignev Brezenski, who makes the Bush administration's foreign policy look like sheer baseline genius, as an advisor?

Can you write 'Jew Hater' any larger than that?

Anonymous wrote:

"Rev. Wright is also somebody who has made enormous contributions in his community and has turned a lot of lives around," Powell said, "And so, I have to put that in context with these very offensive comments that he made, which I reject out of hand."

Powell added that he does not know Wright, and praised Obama's response.

"I think that Sen. Obama handled the issue well . . . he didn't look the other way. He didn't wait for the, for the, you know, for the storm to go over. He went on television, and I thought, gave a very, very thoughtful, direct speech. And he didn't abandon the minister who brought him closer to his faith," Powell told Sawyer.


Clearly another anti-semite, like Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinsky.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Anonymous Idiot:

What mental malfunction causes you to fantasize that wasting bandwidth and disk space with Colin Powell's repetition of the same foolishness that you believe is going to change anyone's mind here?

Anonymous wrote:

Mr. Simberg, before you criticize black churches in general and Mr. Obama's in particular, perhaps you need to have a pastor yourself.

To comment on what the inside of a church is, and particularly given your asserted deep insight into the parishioners at UCC, you need to know what a church IS. So my advice to you is to find yourself a nice Rabbi. I for one wouldn't mind at all if he advocated the annihilation of all Arabs, or said that Jesus was a crooked liar. I'm sure there are Rabbis who say such things but they might still make a nice matzo ball soup. So there's no need to throw out the cook if his tongue runs away with him. A dose of temple would clearly do you some good, and the chicken soup might help your ailment.

Rand Simberg wrote:

To comment on what the inside of a church is, and particularly given your asserted deep insight into the parishioners at UCC, you need to know what a church IS.

Sorry, I have no such need, and the fact that an anonymous moron is telling me that I do only reinforces my lack of such a need. I have no more interest in rabbis than I do in Christian pastors.

I can comment on whatever the hell I want, and criticize whatever the hell I want. That's why I have a blog. And I certainly don't need the permission of pompous anonymous moronic commenters to do so.

Leland wrote:

I see that the anonymous moron is still on his kick of "you don't know unless you have tried it". Unfortunately, he must have had a previous disagreement on the benefits of a lobotomy.

Steve wrote:

You've got to give Anon knuckle head credit though. He's the most hopeful SOB I ever saw. No matter how many times he gets knocked down, he gets up for more. Unfortunately, he always uses the same arguments.

Mike Puckett wrote:

He is agressive in his incompetence as are most morons.

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