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Off-Planet Gas Stations

Jon Goff has the Powerpoints of Friday night's propellant depot panel, including mine.


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David Summers wrote:

Hey, did anyone catch the timeline the AST put up about when one has to apply for licenses in order to make the Lunar Lander deadlines? I saw it, but didn't get a copy...

Brock wrote:

Rand, I hope you'll comment more on what your presentation was about. Are you looking to get involved/start a propellant depot company? Have you spoken to Bill Stone recently?

Jonathan Goff wrote:

I actually invited Stone Aerospace to participate in the panel, but I never heard back from them. Don't know if they weren't interested, or didn't notice the invite, or what exactly happened. As I mentioned on the linked page, I'm going to put up video as soon as I can get it from Henry Vanderbilt (who's probably decompressing and catching up on sleep). I'll also be giving more commentary and thoughts on the panel later.


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