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Parabolic Arc Update

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new space blog, called Parabolic Arc, which had pretty good content. Unfortunately, the colors chosen for it (gray text on black background) made it almost literally unreadable. That problem has been fixed, so I'd urge folks to check it out again. (It's been in the blogroll for a while. I'm actually tempted to move it up higher in preference to some others that are being updated very infrequently).


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Doug Jones wrote:

I think you spoke too soon, Rand. It must be the Wired influence that produces such horrid color choices.

Chris H wrote:

You can always get rid of this by going to view in you browser menu and disabling the page style or background. Or read via Google Reader!

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Looks great to me, absolutely no gray on black, pink on yellow, green on pink, or any other typical neon-blinding Wired combination. Clear your caches perhaps?

Eric Weder wrote:

The bloody thing reliably crashes my IE. I won't be visiting again soon.

Ed Minchau wrote:

As the guy immediately above Parabolic Arc in your blogroll, I have to be the first to admit that I haven't been posting much at all in the last six months; work has kept me busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, and I barely have time to post snarky comments on various blogs, let alone update my own. I'm just happy that you added me at all. Hopefully things will get less crazy around here soon and I can start posting more frequently again.

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