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Remembering Slim Chipley

Most of my readers will find this of no interest at all, but I just ran across a new blog dedicated to remembering the good old days in Flint, Michigan. Nostalgic memories abound.

The population trend in the sidebar is depressing. When I was a kid it had a population of almost two hundred thousand, and there was an ongoing feud with Grand Rapids over whether it or Flint was the second largest city in the state (after Detroit, of course, which had its own hemorrhage of people). Now it's down to just a little over half that.

[Update in the evening]

OK, again, unless you're from southeast Michigan, this will be meaningless, but via the blog above, I found a coney blog. That actually understands the difference between Flint and Detroit style.

And there are those who say that it's a lost art. For many, Angelo's defined the Flint coney island, and once he died (my father was in the hospital with him at the same time, as they both had heart attacks in the late sixties), it became franchised, and lost the magic. But my mother used to tell me (and we even went there when I was young) that the original Flint Coney Island, on Saginaw, north of downtown, was the best. But it went under decades ago.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that it's a hit in Phoenix. Maybe we can keep the brand alive.

My darling Patricia doesn't understand the appeal. But then, she's not a fan of raw onions. Nor is she a fan of me after I ingest them. But once in a while, I have to indulge, consequences be damned...


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MarkD wrote:

As a former MI resident myself, I had similar reactions to the site as you did.

JohnTD wrote:

I saw "Slim Chipley" and had to comment. I grew up in the Midland area and clearly remember the TV commericals for the potato chips. In fact, when my sons were small, I'd sing that jingle to them. I remember it being run on WNEM (the old NBC affiliate). If you are of a certain age, you must remember Captain Muddy Waters!

Rand Simberg wrote:

Yup, I remember Captain Muddy every day after school. And Rae Dean and Lambchop in the mornings.

Anonymous wrote:

I'm Slip Chipley, the guy you see on the Paramount Potato Chip Bright Red pack. I'm the flavor deputy, protective crispness in every sack. They're delicious, and so nutritious...yessiree, they're pips! Paramount Potato Chips.

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