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(The Only?) Good News For Obama

Rush is considering shifting his support from Hillary! to him. I predicted this weeks ago, but it makes the point that, contrary to the speculation by some, "Operation Chaos" is not about making Hillary! the nominee per se--it's about keeping the fight going as long as possible, and weakening the ultimate Dem nominee as much as possible. The best historical analogy (for those historically ignorant morons who think that Saddam was our "ally" in the eighties) was the Iran/Iraq war, in which the goal was to help whichever side was perceived to be weaker, in hopes that they would both ultimately lose.

And with regard to the Democrats, that is an objective with which I heartily concur, as unenthusiastic as I am about the Republican nominee.


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Doug Jones wrote:

As Henry Kissinger allegedly said about the Iran-Iraq war, "It's a shame one of them has to win." Cheerfully coldblooded, that...

Doug Jones wrote:

As Henry Kissinger allegedly said about the Iran-Iraq war, "It's a shame one of them has to win." Cheerfully coldblooded, that...

Anonymous wrote:

If church can't be a sanctuary where people are allowed to worship God in whatever way they feel (provided no one is physically hurt) without repercussions then our freedom means nothing.

Shouldn't a supposed libertarian ever address this issue? Or are they are too busy being self-righteous pricks?

Then again someone here really doesn't understand what a fraud he is.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Does Anonymous think people should be prohibited from speaking their opinion about other people's faith?

What was that about fraud? I'll lend you a mirror (and a razor blade for that black thing under your nose).

Rand Simberg wrote:

Anonymous Moron apparently has this idiotic idea that freedom of religion or speech means that there should never be any societal consequences of foolish religions or speech, or that no one else is entitled to their opinion and freedom of expressing it.

Kissinger's prediction was inaccurate - fortunately.

Speaking of which...if I could ask him one question, I'd ask what his foreign policy successes were. He's supposed to be an expert on the subject, but I am completely unaware of what he did to benefit the US.

If Hillary wins the nomination, will the race pit Nixonian ethics and Nixonian policy? Nixon was a foreign policy conservative and a domestic policy moderate who loved the regulatory state; from what I've heard that seems to describe McCain, although I'm not sure if McCain would expand the regulatory state with the same Viagra-and-steroids-enhanced gusto that Tricky Dick did.

Leland wrote:

If the US can't be a sanctuary where citizens can voice criticism of their political leaders, particularly when those leaders inject religion into politics, then the first amendment means nothing.

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