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Uncomfortable Bedfellows

Tom Hayden agrees with me that Hillary! is deliberately sabotaging Obama's campaign.

I may have to rethink my position now.


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Paul Milenkovic wrote:

Those of us whose accent-formative years were spent in Park Ridge, Illinois, know that we possess the Voice, that peculiar modulation of a Chicago-Midwestern nasal whine that activates the same complex of cochlear hair cells as finger nails scraping on a slate chalkboard. That I come across as a scold is something I know from my teaching evals, and I attribute it to using the Voice on students.

Why persons of the Left wing were able to block this out for so many years is a mystery to me. But maybe it ties into that Progressive plan to make "the war" politically untenable and elect Hillary even though she has "hawkish tendencies."

The opposition to the war, in that post, is hereby revealed to be nothing about President Bush's alleged incompetence, the lack of mass caches of WMD, capturing Saddam but letting Osama go free, the multi-hundred billion dollar expenditure that could have been spent on (choose between health care, synthetic fuels, nuclear power plants, high-speed passenger trains). No, preventing the imperialist United States from imposing its will on people in foreign lands is the ultimate objective. The Haiti War, the Bosnia War, and the Kosovo War don't rise to the level of calling for the anti-war mobilization. Besides, those three wars are manifestations of the hawkish tendencies of Hillary, and having a Clinton and especially Hillary as President allows the Progressive Left to get much of their agenda while they can mobilize enough activists to keep Hillary's hawkishness in check if it rises above dropping bombs on the head of my octagenarian uncle in Belgrade.

So Lady Hillary has the Voice, and we all know how annoying that can be, but it is all OK if it serves the greater purpose as pledged by those who exist to serve. But Lady Hillary has done what she has been ordered not to do, but we put up with that for the moment, but now whe has found refuge among the Redneckmen, social primitives but of suprising backwoods technological sophistication, skilled at all manners of firearms, and riders of the feared ATV. She has gone regegade and must be put down!

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