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Obama brings a whole new meaning to the term:

Democratic White House contender Barack Obama could not hide his irritation Monday when asked by a reporter what he thought about former president Jimmy Carter's meeting with Hamas last week.

"Why can't I just eat my waffle?" the Illinois senator said as he ate breakfast in Scranton, Pennsylvania, according to MSNBC television pictures.

Pressed again for an answer, he replied: "Just let me eat my waffle."

Hey, nobody held a gun and made you run for president, Barack. At least, as far as I know...

I hope that Jimmy Carter has as prominent a box at the convention as he did in 2004. And he invites Michael Moore again.


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Robert wrote:

Imagine Fred Thompson doing the exact same thing. Don't you think that if Fred showed the same grumpiness with a reporter who didn't show common politeness, you'd find it amusing and praiseworthy?

Rand Simberg wrote:

Perhaps you didn't notice, but Fred Thompson lost.

And Fred Thompson wouldn't have had to be asked such a question. There would be little doubt about what he thought about Jimmy Carter playing footsie with Hamas.

Robert wrote:

I'm just saying that I think Fred wouldn't put up with someone interrupting his breakfast, and people liked that about him. The candidates, under a microscope constantly, are going to get annoyed with intrusive reporters sometimes, and there isn't any need to be partisan about it. Your comment about waffling was pretty funny, but it was also unfair.

As for Obama's position on Carter and Hamas, he was completely unambiguous in criticizing Carter's visit, but only after he finished his breakfast!

See "Obama criticizes ex-President Carter's Hamas meeting"

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Sure but did Obama invite the press to watch him eating waffles? I don't know but if he did he can't complain,

Josh Reiter wrote:

I invite you all to come watch me eat waffles.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Hehe Josh Reiter ^_^

I bet McCain could eat a waffle and answer questions at the same time and still not lose his temper!

He should do just that on national tv & YouTube as a lighthearted part of his outreach to the American public ^_^

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