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Well Deserved

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Bill Maron wrote:

I was sad when Cox and Forkum hung up the pen but Ramirez is a jewel. The LAT let him go. With decisions like that, no wonder their numbers are plummeting.

Mike G in Corvallis wrote:

A truly stupid move by the LA Times ... one of *many* ...

Did you see what James Lileks had to say about the LA Times in The Bleat today? He was in San Diego last week:

The papers suck. Pardon the language, but for heaven's sake, the papers sucked. The papers sucked hard enough to pull Jupiter out of orbit. I had gotten used to the underwhelmingly ordinary Arizona paper, but the LA Times and the San Diego paper were a new level of sucktitudinousness. The SD paper was like a slab of Sominex pounded into thin folded sheets, and I don't know if it was the lead story -- 'Sweeping Regulatory Powers Sought," or something equally deadly -- or the cookie-cutter design, but man, that thing was dull; when I finished I felt like I'd put 50 cents into a soda machine, got nothing, and realized I didn't really want any soda anyway. On to the LA Times, which surprised me -- I have almost no experience with the paper, except its reputation, which surely was exaggerated. Well. I blew through it quickly, and when I was finished the only impression it left was astonishment that a market that large had such a weightless, arid, aimless paper. It has the typeface of a better paper, but that's about it. I finished both before I was halfway through my Ironed Chicken Sandwich -- really, it was so thin, that's probably how they cooked it -- and I spent the rest of my time reading the internet on my iPhone.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

What Bill Maron said except for the LAT part since I didn't know that.

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