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Why Bother?

Thomas James, on the difficulty of writing post-apocalyptic survival stories about people with no interest in survival.


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Daveon wrote:


Either I'm getting old, or there just isn't that much good science fiction being written now

He's not looking at the right stuff.

Early Stephen Baxter, especially the Xeelee stuff.
Peter F Hamilton's Night's Dawn, and, in fact anything else by him.
Anything by Vernor Vinge, especially Across Realtime, or A Deepness Upon the Sky.
Charlie Stross's Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise
John Scalzi's Mil SF (Glenn Reynolds likes it)
Anything by Iain M Banks

There's a lot of fantasy out there but this is a really great time for big vision space opera

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Richard Morgan - "Altered Carbon"
Alastair Reynolds - "Revelation Space", "Chasm City", "Redemption Ark", "Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days"

I haven't been keeping track of new SF books for the last five years but I prefer Reynolds over Hamilton. I wouldn't be surprised if Gollancz SF has published more by both.

philw1776 wrote:

Glen Reynolds can have Scalzi's stuff; it's not my taste nor is Stross. Hamilton is at best OK. I really do like Alistair Reynolds' books.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

I'm a fan of Charles Sheffield. For example, The McAndrew Chronicles, Between the Strokes of Night, or The Ganymede Club.

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